The young Joachim, thanks to his prayers, meditations and researches, found in his land of Calabria, uncounted botanicals by which he created a liqueur gifted with unique and beneficial balsamic properties!

Introducing Amaro Joachim, the ultimate high-quality handcrafted liqueur that is taking the world by storm. Crafted with meticulous care by Liquorificio Sila A.S. in the picturesque town of Celico (CS), nestled in the vibrant south of Italy, Amaro Joachim is a true testament to the monks’ traditional method.
Prepare to indulge your senses in an extraordinary experience unlike any other. Bursting with rich and captivating flavors, Amaro Joachim boasts an intense taste that will leave you craving more. What sets our liqueur apart from the rest is its remarkably low sugar content, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.
Drawing inspiration from the lush lands of Calabria, Amaro Joachim is carefully infused with a sensational blend of thirty botanicals, all locally sourced. Immerse yourself in the vibrant essence of the region as each sip takes you on a journey through its captivating flavors.
Since its debut in January 2023, Amaro Joachim has been met with resounding acclaim and rave reviews. The response has been nothing short of extraordinary, with enthusiasts all over the world applauding its exceptional quality and captivating taste.
With a delightful 30% ABV, Amaro Joachim stands proudly as a balsamic digestive liqueur like no other. Prepare your palate for an unprecedented adventure, as the impeccable craftsmanship and distinct flavor transport you to the enchanting Sila woods. Immerse yourself in the purest air in Europe, as every sip unfurls a gustatory and olfactory delight like no other.
Embrace the allure of Amaro Joachim and discover a true masterpiece that surpasses all expectations. Indulge in the rich traditions of the monks, merged seamlessly with modern craftsmanship, to create an unparalleled liqueur that captures the essence of Italy in every sip. Elevate your drinking experience with Amaro Joachim, the epitome of excellence!


“His father owned a vineyard not far from his house. At the end of the vineyard there was a very dense forest, which extended up to the Cannavino river. In this solitary place there was a long and wide stone, so arranged by nature that it could serve as a kneeler and a bed for resting. There, the young Joachim, often went to raise his prayers to God, usually accompanied by tears. The frequent contacts with his body, so pure and chaste, melted the hardness of this stone and a flower sprang from it, which, like a dittany, had the virtue of healing sores and various diseases. This was soon known in the country; but it happened that a woman in the neighbourhood, having sick livestock, imagined that the flower had on it the same power it had over men; to save herself the trouble of driving it there, she cut off the plant with the leaves and flowers and took it with her. The neighborhood was so upset by the loss of this wonderful flower that the young Joachim, touched by their desolation, prayed in that place and, not from the lost flower, but from the local herbs he obtained a liqueur which produced the same effects and which only stopped flowing at the end of the life of the Holy Abbot”.

Gervaise, "Histoire De l'abbé Joachim,
Surnommé Le Prophète", 1745

Our label serves as a profound homage to the “Trinitarian Circles” depicted in the eleventh tableau of the Liber Figurarum. In this Joachimite representation, the initial circle, resplendent in verdant hues reminiscent of nature, symbolizes the Age of the Father, the “Creator of the Earth.” The second circle, in celestial cerulean shades, embodies the Age of the Son, marking the “Descent from Heaven.” The third circle, ablaze with fiery crimson, signifies the Age of the Holy Spirit, who manifested as a “Burning Flame” to His disciples.
Within our label, we’ve ingeniously incorporated Trinitarian Circles using a holographic foil. A simple rotation of the bottle towards the sun’s rays unveils the same vibrant colors employed by Joachim in his graphical portrayal of the Divine Trinity. This image profoundly encapsulates Abbot Joachim’s theological concept — the division of human history into three Ages, each depicted by intersecting, colored circles. At their core lies the “Mystical Almond,” a unifying element shared by all three circles, symbolizing the eternal Trinitarian unity of God, ever-present throughout history. Prominently featured at the label’s center is the “C” for Christ.
Expanding upon the significance of the “Trinitarian Circles,” the illustrious Dante, in his depiction of the Trinity’s mystery within the 33rd canto of Paradise, drew unmistakable inspiration from the Joachimite figure. He vividly scribed, “Within the deep and luminous subsistence Of the High Light appeared to me three circles, Of threefold colour and of one dimension, and one seemed to be reflected from the other as the other seemed to be reflected, and the third seemed to be fire...” The reflection of the second circle by the first, akin to Iris reflecting Iris, and the fiery emanation from both the first and second circles are echoed in Dante’s masterful description.


Liquorificio Sila, situated in Celico (CS), the hometown of Abbot Gioacchino, was established by the enterprising cousins, Fabio and Andrea. Driven by their unwavering passion for botany and their artisanal liqueur craftsmanship, they envisioned creating their inaugural amaro liqueur as a tribute to the charismatic Abbot Gioacchino, celebrated by the renowned poet Dante as the “Calabrian Abbot Giovacchino endowed with a profound prophetic insight.” Furthermore, they have a promising lineup of forthcoming products set to be introduced in the near future.

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